We fill in the .

A data collection, storage, aggregation, tabulation
and calculation system like no other.

The right tool.

Opinulate developed ‘Pinion — a free social media app that allows users to post and respond to any imaginable topic by simply “filling in a blank.”

Tell us your ‘pinion!

is a movie that will haunt me forever.

Tell us your ‘pinion!

is a must have on every taco.

Tell us your ‘pinion!

is my favorite dog breed.

Tell us your ‘pinion!

The best place to get a grilled cheese is .

Tell us your ‘pinion!

Traveling to is on my bucket list.

Tell us your ‘pinion!

is my favorite comedian.

Social DNA for any imaginable topic.

Opinulate will collect and aggregate every possible “fill in the blank” response anyone conceives. The results will generate the largest database of Raw Primal Data (RPD) yet.

All the

Opinulate will offer subscriptions and tools to gain information and insights into attitudes, awareness and usage (AAU) of key demographic profiles.

Be part of the full social experience.

Download ‘Pinion to see what’s happening.

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